CESVI’s “Houses of Smile” Program, supported by Milano Unica, is dedicated to children, adolescents and young women in situations of marginalization and hardship – such as orphans, street children, abandoned minors, victims of violence and exploitation – and is also aimed at creating protected and safe places, sheltered from the violence, misery and dangers that characterize the difficult contexts in which they are placed.
In the Houses of Smile we offer food, medical care, education, recreational activities and psychological support.

You too protect the lives and health of so many girls and boys, in Italy and around the world. Together, we will give them the chance to build a better future for themselves.


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  • with 25€ you support the Houses of smile around the world and donate clean water to children.

  • with 100€ you donate medical care and health support for boys and girls in the Houses of Smil around the world

  • with 1.000 € you donate support to the boys and girls in CESVI's Houses of Smile in Italy and you support their education and growth

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